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Límsprey fyrir saumaskap - Tímabundið hald

Límsprey fyrir saumaskap - Tímabundið hald

3.450 kr
3.450 kr
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SpraynBond Basting Adhesive is a temporary bond spray adhesive for fabric. Use it in your design phase for pattern piecing and figuring out appliqué placement. Great for holding templates onto fabric and assembling landscape quilts. Use it during sewing to eliminate pinning of appliqués, for holding stabilizers onto fabrics during embroidering, or to hold backing fabric to batting.

Product Details

  • Net weight 7.2 OZ (204g)
  • Avoids hoop marks.
  • Avoids pinning.
  • May be repositioned
  • Does not gum needles.
  • colorless.
  • Acid free. Solvent free.

General Directions

  • Shake well before each use.
  • Hold can upright, 8-10 inches from back of fabric surface. Press nozzle and apply adhesive in short bursts using a sweeping (side to side) motion to lightly and evenly coat surface, making sure to cover all edges.
  • Press sprayed item onto project while still tacky. Reposition as needed.
  • Before storing, Hold can upside down and press for a short burst to clear nozzle.




    For Quilting: Spray the batting from center outward, place quilt back on the batting and smooth. Turnover and spray the other side of the batting, position the quilt top on the batting and smooth.
    For Embroidery:
    Method one: place fabric on sprayed stabilizer, smooth and hoop
    Method two: hoop stabilizer, spray Basting spray on stabilizer, place fabric or garment on the stabilizer (this avoids hoop marks).