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Blob Paint - Fish

Blob Paint - Fish

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Ready-to-use paint with 3D effect for blob paint technique (color dots placed one above the other.) The highly opaque, flexible paint can be mixed and dries glossy.

  • water based
  • high color intensity
  • smudge-proof


Shake well before use!

Hold the bottle tip vertically above a flat substrate and squeeze the paint out of the bottle until the desired blob size is reached. Allow each coat to dry for 24 hours before applying another coat. For special effects with blops dripping down the edge, pull the tip slightly in the direction of the edge while applying the paint.


1 x Blob Paint 90ml Neon Pink
1 x Blob Paint 90ml Neon Orange
1 x Blob Paint 90ml Neon Yellow
1 x Blob Paint 90ml Neon Green
1 x Blob Paint 90ml White
1 x Blob Paint 90ml Black


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