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Air-brush brúsi

Air-brush brúsi

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Funpump aerosol spray can. Crystal clear PET synthetic. For 125ml liquid. Use only for aqueous solutions. No solvent based liquids. Explosion risk!

Developed from artists for artists:
The Funpump!
With the funpump the world of color spraying is open to you. The needed pressure is created through pumping by hand; complicated and expensive spray guns and compressors are not necessary. You can spray all paint mentioned earlier with the funpump, even pigment color! These colors should be well mixed and strained before filling, so that no lumps can clog the nozzle.

It is advantages to get a good assortment of funpumps. You can easily store paint in the funpumps and don't have to clean the bottles after every use.

Tip: Hold the funpump upright, so that the mist leaves the nozzle horizontally and falls onto the fabric. That way no troublesome color drops are created.
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