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Límsprey - SpraynBond Fusible Adhesive Fabric Spray Permanent

Límsprey - SpraynBond Fusible Adhesive Fabric Spray Permanent

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General Directions

SpraynBond Fusible Adhesive is an iron-on, no sew spray adhesive for fabric. Use it for appliqué pieces, home décor, costuming and crafts!

  • Net Weight 6.9 OZ (195g)
  • Permanent Hold
  • Heat activated
  • No sewing needed after fusing saves time
  • Machine washable, dryable and dry cleanable after fusing

Pre-wash all materials without fabric softeners.
Always pre-test on materials before starting project.
Protect your work surface.

  • Preheat iron to cotton setting, no steam.
  • Shake well before each use.
  • Hold can upright, 8-10 inches from back of fabric surface. Press nozzle and apply adhesive in short bursts using a sweeping (side to side) motion to evenly coat surface, making sure to cover all edges.
  • Allow to dry. Place item, adhesive side down, on top of project.
  • Iron, using firm pressure for 30-45 seconds on each section until entire piece is bonded. Let cool. (Iron thicker fabrics an additional 6 seconds from the back of the project.)
  • Hold can upside down and press for a short burst to clear nozzle before storing.



  • For best no-sew results be sure to have even coverage of spray to the edges of your appliqué.
  • If sewing is desired, use a light coating of Spray n Bond Fusible Adhesive.
  • A medium or thick coating of Spray n Bond Fusible Adhesive yields a no-sew, stiffer fabric, perfect for fabric sculpting and mixed media. 
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