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Stamp Rubber Block

Stamp Rubber Block

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15 X 26,5 CM

The Rico Design carving tools and rubber stamps make it possible to carve individual stamps. The rubber stamps are available in different sizes and shapes, so that square and rectangular as well as round, oval or even heart-shaped stamps can be made. Since the rubber can be worked on very easily with the carving tools, you can create your own personal stamp in no time at all. There are no limits to your creativity when designing. Whether unusual patterns, personalized slogans or playful motifs - numerous designs can be realized with the versatile carving tool! Each stamp rubber has a matching wooden stamp block or handle, to which the processed rubber can be easily attached using an included attachment.

 Rubber stamp made of soft material, similar to an eraser
 Plate for cutting out any size
 7mm thick
Dimensions: 15 X 26,5 CM
 Contents: 1 piece

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